Popular Forms of Meditative Yoga Explained

Dru Yoga

Dru Yoga is a potent and graceful form of yoga. It is based on directed breathing, soft flowing movements, and visualization. Its foundations were set in ancient yogic tradition.

Dru Yoga works on the body, spirit, and mind. It improves flexibility and strength, creates a core
stability and build a heightened sense of positive thinking, is deeply relaxing and rejuvenates your
entire being.

Dru Yoga was designed to be practiced by people of all different fitness levels, different abilities, and all age groups. This is a style of yoga that can quickly be picked up or you can learn more about it over your lifetime.

Dru Meditation

If it has been one of your goals to learn how to meditate in order to feel that inner calmness or to be a stress reliever, then try Dru Meditation! The Dru approach to meditation will help bring you balance no matter what or how you are feeling.

If you seem to be agitated, Dru meditation will help to bring you a feeling of calmness. If you feel
exhausted, this form of meditation will give your energy.

It will bring peace to your spirit if you are feeling anxious. The most important thing that Dru meditation will do for you is to bring you to that still place within you, with its sense of achievement, fullness and deep healing properties that only meditation and yoga can bring.

If you really want to learn Dru meditation, the best way to do this is to attend a workshop or a meditation retreat in your area. If you are not able to do that, you might try a guided Dru meditation that is available on CD.

You will find that Dru meditation can help alleviate fatigue and stress and bring you focus and calm. If only you can do ten minutes daily of meditation, it will make a great difference.

Jnana Yoga

Jnana means discernment or wisdom. Jnana yoga literally means the path of wisdom. Ynana meditation is multi-faceted. When one uses jnana meditation, one tries to withdraw the mind and the emotions from perceiving life. The one who participates in this form of meditation tries to become tuned into reality or to the spirit.

One of the main ways that the yogi of discernment meditates is to patiently lay aside all feeling and thought until he or she feels the radiant glow of the soul dawning in the heart and mind. Transformation and enlightenment take place within the rapt meditator. One of the ways this is accomplished is through a process called neti-neti.

Neti-neti Meditation

The meaning of neti-neti is “not this, not this”.

Whenever a feeling or thought comes into your mind which is not one of the goals of the meditation or which is not of the inner self, just say “Not this, not this” and dismiss the image, sound, thought, concept or sense distraction.

Any feeling or thought is patiently dismissed time and again, if necessary until your mind is cleared and your soul is revealed.

Remember that you should not meditate in a passive way. This state of consciousness is referred to as alertness and is an amazing application of awareness.

As you form the habit of saying “neti-neti”, you will be able to discard any doubt, worry or fear and become established in the realm of inner self. You will then be able to look back at fear and worries with deep insight and be able to handle them.

Raja Yoga

Raja means kingly or royal. This form of meditation is based on bringing the mind and emotions into balance or harmony so that your attention may be easily directed on the object of your meditation or on the Lord directly.

Lifeforce is generally a movement up and down the spine so that it becomes balanced and the emotions, as well as the mind, are serenely content.

Awareness is then directed to move forward to a point that is located in the center of one’s lower
forehead. This meditation point, which is also called the Ajna, or third eye, is located about 1 half inches above where the eyebrows meet.

When the energy becomes balanced throughout your body and brain and moves effortlessly into the area of the Ajna, calmness seems to overtake your mind.

Certainly, your mind is not passive but it frees itself from the meaningless worries, thoughts, and clutter of the subconscious mind.

You derive a pleasant sense of well being in this state and your mind seems to be filled with a velvety darkness.

As your consciousness courses toward your third eye, different pastel colors appear on your forehead. There are sumptuous, glorious pinks, whites, indigos, purples, yellows, blues and green that take their turn in your forehead.

As your life force becomes stronger and more concentrated you may think you see lightning,
fireflies or moonlight. This whole process is getting you ready to experience your true nature.

The person who practices raja yoga in its purest form lives in bliss with the will completely surrendered to God.

Lady meditating